Join us October 29th @ 12p for a rally at the federal courthouse to be a part of the #TrialoftheCentury!

Support the young plaintiffs in the historic Juliana v. United States court case.

Our freedom depends on a climate system

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After the March: Building a Youth-Led Climate Movement

By: Ilana Cohen & Rachel Lee


On Saturday, July 21st, thousands of students, adult allies, and organizations across the globe marched and rallied to demand that our lawmakers act on climate change. Here in NYC, 300 …


Climate Change in My Eyes by Sonia Zinkin-Meyers

#3 Fear – February, 2018

One thing I’ve learned from my experience with learning about and speaking about climate change is how to cope with fear. When I started doing research about climate change, I learned how devastating its effects …


Climate Change in My Eyes by Sonia Zinkin-Meyers #2

Climate Education – January 2018

Climate change is a problem right now, and it will only get worse. My generation will be dealing with effects of climate change more than any previous generation. That is why activism is so important …


Climate Change in My Eyes by Sonia Zinkin-Meyers

#1 Introduction – December 2017

My name is Sonia Zinkin-Meyers, and I’m twelve years old. I’ll be the writer of this column, along with some of my schoolmates and friends. My column will be focusing on how those with less …


Sept 8 Global Day of Action for climate


On September 8th, after months of organizing and movement-building, the Peoples Climate Movement will bring tens of thousands of people across the country into the streets. Joined by partners around the world, we will demand bold action on climate, …

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People’s climate March Rise NY


Our country is in crisis. The global climate crisis deepens at unprecedented speed. Rising sea levels, devastating storms and flooding, extreme wildfires, and food and water shortages are already causing mass migration, the destruction of island nations and the

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Congestion Pricing by Katherine Peinhardt

New York City’s streets are on the cusp of a great change. With traffic clogging city streets and public transit suffering from continued disinvestment, a natural solution is to put a price on driving into the busiest parts of the …

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David Koch’s denial of climate change


The retirement of industrialist David Koch from his family’s business and political activities leaves a lasting legacy of good and evil [“David Koch retiring due to poor health,” News, June 6]. His hypocrisy is staggering. He and his …

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