The Climate Crisis calls for a new paradigm in the 4th Estate.

  1. Adopt a Public Service Ethos: Join the fight to solve the Climate Crisis.
  2. Report the Carbon Pollution & Climate Emergency: Cover the Carbon Clock weekly.
  3. Make the Climate Crisis an Editorial Priority: Connect stories, solutions, politics.
  4. Link Extreme Weather to Carbon Count to Global Warming to Solutions.
  5. Cover the Health Impacts of the Climate Crisis: Costs in lives, productivity, healthcare.
  6. Stop False Equivalency & Ensure Commentator Transparency.
  7. Divest.  Go Zero-Emissions.  Ban Fossil Fuel Company Ads.
  8. Say it Bigger!  Climate Crisis! Red Alert!  Earth in Danger!
  9. Explain:  Clean energy, economic impacts, legislative solutions,the politics, the movement, the opposition.
  10. Cover this like your child’s life depends on it.  

Help save Earth.  We can’t do it without you.


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