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A community of activists mobilizing for climate solutions. The next decade of our pollution will determine the future of life on Earth. Join the Action.


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We won’t save Earth unless we make Congress outlaw pollution immediately. Our federal campaign, called Climate Action Mondays, is a showdown to make Congress mandate 100% clean energy by 2035. We’re also started a people’s Green New Deal working group to craft a Green New Deal bill. Our “Adopt-A-District” (AAD) Team welcomes those ready to tackle a Congressional District and win the showdown one vote at a time. Welcome to the climate vanguard!



New York’s new Democratic Legislature, Governor & Comptroller must point the way for the nation, and we plan to make them. Come help pass The NY OFF Fossil Fuels Act, demanding NY go 100% green by 2030, The Climate & Community Protection Act, as part of the NY Renews coalition a The Fossil Fuel Divestment Act. See all the Bills & Votes. Come Lobby, Text, Picket & Protest.



The NY City Council is working to pass an historic bill mandating Building Energy Efficiency, to stop energy waste – a huge part of the climate solution – while the Mayor makes big plans to fortify the city against storm surges. But where is the Climate Emergency Declaration, and game plan to go Zero-Emissions? Help Lobby, Organize Direct Action, and grow the demand for faster bigger action! See the City Bills & Votes.



We won the campaign to get the City pension funds to divest from fossil fuels! (video here!), and now we’re tackling New York State. Join the coalition campaign pressing NY State Comptroller DiNapoli to divest the NY State pension fund pollution companies causing climate disaster. Are we seriously still funding for our own demise? And it’s a bad investment!



We must get the Media Industry to adopt a Public Service Ethos, helping to solve the climate crisis. The U.N. IPCC Report 1.5 (2018) and National Climate Assessment (13 Federal agencies) report 10 years to end pollution, or face disaster passing 1.5°C heating.To change the paradigm, the 350NYC Media Task Force created the “Climate Emergency Media Standards” to press the Media Industry to help. And we’re creating a new team of professionals from New York’s vast Marketing-Public Relations world to help rally the public to demand solutions. Join us!



Governments must act, and so must we. To find a way to make change within your own sphere or profession, in fascinating ways, take the training offered by Pacahamama, which envisions millions of us taking action, together. Drawdown is one of the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming.



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