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Wednesday, January 20

 6:30 PM:  350NYC Media Meeting

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 19

6PM:  Food and Water Watch: Stop Danskammer film

Environmental and racial justice are two sides of the same coin…
Stop Danskammer is a short documentary set in Newburgh, NY, which shows how environmental and racial justice are two sides of the same coin. On one side, we meet local activists working hard to keep a fracked gas power plant from opening in their city–and who would think they would have to in a state where fracking is banned? On the other, we learn that dangerous projects like this are often built in communities of color, where developers believe the residents are least likely to defend themselves from the air and water pollution the projects cause. But the community of Newburgh refuses to conform to these expectations, and are standing up to say “Stop Danskammer!”

RSVP to the film here.

6:30PM:  Facing the Plastic Pollution Crisis: A Talk with Judith Enck

Join the Brooklyn and Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Boards and the Bronx and Queens SWAB Organizing Committees (via Zoom) for a talk with Judith Enck of Beyond Plastics to hear about how single-use plastic is harming our environment from production to disposal and what we can do about it.  Moderated by Dior St. Hillaire from the Bronx SWAB Organizing Committee.  The event is FREE, but requires advance registration.


7PM: Food Justice Month at Fourth Universalist! Panel: Food Insecurity and Hunger in NYC

The Food Justice movement is working to make sure all people have access to healthy food, while studying the impacts of food production and waste on our environment.

Please join the Environmental Justice Team at Fourth Universalist as we explore issues related to food, the environment, and how we can create more equitable food systems in our communities.

Please register for the events using this form. All events will occur on Zoom at this link.

Thursday, January 21

7 PM: Conversations For A Preferred Future:  Permaculture Rising Portland, Oregon Join Zoom Meeting – Conversations For A Preferred Future

Meeting ID: 895 5367 3085

Passcode: 990252


Tuesday, January 26

7PM: Food Justice Month at Fourth Universalist! Panel: Food Waste and Composting

The Food Justice movement is working to make sure all people have access to healthy food, while studying the impacts of food production and waste on our environment.

Please join the Environmental Justice Team at Fourth Universalist as we explore issues related to food, the environment, and how we can create more equitable food systems in our communities.

Please register for the events using this form. All events will occur on Zoom at this link.

Wednesday, January 27

7PM:  350NYC January General Meeting

More to come on this.


Thursday, January 28

 9 PM: Conversations For A Preferred Future:  LA Eco Village Los Angeles, California

Join Zoom Meeting – Conversations For A Preferred Future

Meeting ID: 895 5367 3085

Passcode: 990252

3:00PM:  America Sustainable Business Council:  Climate Change & Biden’s First 100 Days with Gina McCarthy Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to join ASBC for a conversation with Gina McCarthy, the newly appointed leader of the incoming Office of Domestic Climate Policy.  President-elect Joe Biden has committed his administration to necessary, aggressive action on climate change, with a bold climate strategy highlighted by the appointment of Ms. McCarthy as the first-ever head of the Domestic Climate Policy Office. Ms. McCarthy will highlight what we can expect from the incoming administration in the first 100 days as well as President-elect Biden’s longer-term plans for domestic climate policy as it relates to our economy.  The former Administrator of the EPA under President Obama from 2013-17, McCarthy will work with former Secretary of State John Kerry, who will handle climate policy from an international perspective.  Ms. McCarthy will be joined on January 28th by ASBC business leaders to offer thoughts on the roles and responsibilities of businesses in addressing climate change and the opportunity for public-private partnerships.

Register here.

7PM: Cary Institute of Ecosystem StudiesRestoring Resilient Tropical Forests

Sustainable forests can protect biodiversity and combat climate change.  Take a virtual trip to Panama and discover why healthy tropical forests are our climate allies, how tree species diversity regulates forest regrowth following disturbance, and science-based recipes for reforestation success.  Register here.

7PM:  Power Shift Network: Climate Justice + Organizing Labor

This webinar will be an introduction on labor organizing and how it interacts with many aspects of the environmental justice movement, such as how right-to-work legislation and other union busting efforts or hampering work affect the climate justice movement. Panelists will also be discussing the connections between the current labor organizers and mutual aid organizers in the youth environmental movement.  Power Shift Network is continuing to center conversations around the movements that closely intersect to climate justice work with our next conversation focused on organized labor.

9PM: Conversations For A Preferred Future:  LA Eco Village Los Angeles, California

Join Zoom Meeting – Conversations For A Preferred Future

Meeting ID: 895 5367 3085

Passcode: 990252

Friday, January 29

Noon:  NYU Institute for Policy Integrity and Environmental Defense Fund:  When Old Laws Threaten New Climate Ambitions: A New York Case Study

Several states have recently passed legislation mandating ambitious levels of economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions reductions. While the laws establishing these state mandates authorize agencies to adopt new regulations, they do not spell out what to do about existing laws that enable—and, in some cases, encourage—the consumption of fossil fuels. Our webinar, co-hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund, will explore this challenge by considering New York’s clean energy transition, and tensions between old laws and the landmark Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. After a presentation of research by Justin Gundlach and Elizabeth Stein, speakers Dale Bryk, Rory Christian, and Michael Gerrard will consider some of the issues and proposals raised by the authors. Moderated Q&A will follow.  Register for the webinar here

Friday, February 12

 1PM: The Climate Museum’s Second Fridays series:  Talking Climate: Grief

The Climate Museum announces Second Fridays with the launch of our discussion series Talking Climate! Join us on the second Friday of every month for conversations about climate and inequality, with additional special events featured throughout the year.

See what’s going on here:

Past Events

January 19

1:30PM: NY Times Climate Hub:  Making 2021 the Year We Break Fossil Fuel Addiction

The Covid-19 crisis collapsed demand for energy, with oil prices falling to an astonishing -$37.63 per barrel in late April. But as the world looks toward recovery, can this shock be seized to break the global addiction to fossil fuels, or will the “new normal” end up looking much like the old one? How can we accelerate the rise in renewables to meet urgent global demand throughout the recovery? How will businesses with global operations adapt to support this transformation? And could a green recovery provide the necessary boost to strengthen commitment to the climate goals, which the world so badly needs?

Register Here

Thursday, January 14

 10AM:  CLCPA Roundtable on Natural Resources

Join New York League of Conservation Voters and Columbia’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law for the next forum in the series on implementing the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). This forum will focus on how New York’s natural resources can help reach the goal of an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions statewide by 2050.

Noon:  EARTHDAY.ORG, Earth Day Live series: We Throw It All Away, Food Waste and Loss, Responsible Practices

Global food waste is a far-reaching problem. Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food each year are wasted globally — that’s one-third of all food produced. In the United States alone, about 40% of food goes to waste annually. With close to 900 million people starving worldwide, we cannot afford to lose that much of production. We need to start thinking about new and innovative approaches to address food waste and loss. Join us for the live event.

Wednesday, January 13

7PM:  350NYC Transportation Working Group

Electric school buses and more.  If you are interested in attending the Zoom Transportation meeting, please email Leslie Stevens, to register.


Tuesday, January 12

 3:00PM:  Climate Xchange:  The Power of Labor in a Green Economy

A just transition to a clean energy economy requires ensuring that labor groups are at the table, and that quality green jobs are created across the country. But how can climate advocates and policymakers ensure that the move away from fossil fuels and toward renewables doesn’t leave anyone behind?  In this webinar, we’ll be hearing from a broad range of experts who will overview the importance of ensuring labor groups are at the table during this transition.  


 7PM: Food Justice Month at Fourth Universalist! Panel: Food Justice and Climate Change

The Food Justice movement is working to make sure all people have access to healthy food, while studying the impacts of food production and waste on our environment.

Please join the Environmental Justice Team at Fourth Universalist as we explore issues related to food, the environment, and how we can create more equitable food systems in our communities.

Please register for the events using this form. All events will occur on Zoom at this link.

Monday, January 11

10AM:  New York Youth Climate Leaders – Lobby Day

NY2CL is hosting a lobby day to promote several bills for the new legislative session. Specifically, we will lobby for fossil fuel divestment, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, and taxing the ultra-wealthy to fund climate justice. This legislation is critical to both ending New York’s reliance on fossil fuels and closing the state’s $14.5 billion budget shortfall.

As 2020 draws to an end, New York State is presented with enormous and unprecedented challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken tens of thousands of lives, the state government faces a $14.5 billion budget shortfall, and New York has still done little to combat the climate crisis. In order to recover from the pandemic and address the climate crisis, we must stop funding the fossil fuel industry, tax the wealthy, and create a Green New Deal for New York State.  You can register at


January 5 – 9

National Council of Science and the Environment & Project Drawdown

We are bringing together our research partners and friends from across the globe to share and expand on the latest solutions to our most pressing global challenges.  This joint conference will explore (a) the physical effects of climate change and how these are linked to social institutions; and (b) how implementing climate solutions produces positive co-benefits to society, the economy, and the planet.  There are a limited number of free registrations available for just the Drawdown segment of this conference.  Please register soon to try to take advantage of the free sessions. 


Tuesday, December 29

11:00AM:  New York Youth Climate Leaders

In response to an unprecedented budget shortfall and the looming threat of the climate crisis, over 125 organizations from across New York State will send a letter on December 29th to legislative leadership and Governor Andrew Cuomo calling for the removal of nonessential fossil fuel subsidies from the 2021-2022 state budget. The organizations will also release a petition with over 2000 signatures urging legislative action to end fossil fuel subsidies. To celebrate this, the New York Youth Climate Leaders along with NRDC and NYPIRG will be holding a press conference.  Register here!

Monday, December 21

6:00PM:  Food & Water Watch Celebrating Our Victories:

Join FWW as we celebrate our victories in 2020, and, with special guest State Senator-elect Jabari Brisport, look ahead to more wins in 2021. Click here to register.


Sunday, December 20

5:00PM:  Sane Energy:  The Head of the Black Snake: No LNG on the North Brooklyn Pipeline

National Grid, the corporate utility covering part of NYC and Long Island wants to raise our rates, the highest in the nation, to expand more fossil fuels, including the North Brooklyn (MRI) Pipeline and LNG expansion on Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in an opaque process in a boardroom. We know that more fossil fuels anywhere puts the climate at risk for everyone. Their request to invest our rate-payer dollars into more fossil fuels goes against what our community wants, and goes against our climate law. We must flood the system with public comments like they have never seen before. Come learn about it, and learn how to TAKE ACTION!  Register on Zoom in advance for this meeting here.


Saturday, December 19

10AM: 350Brooklyn  Stop the Money Pipeline Rally

JP Morgan Chase is the world’s largest funder of the fossil fuel industry. Since the 2015 adoption of the Paris Agreement, Chase has provided nearly $269 billion to fossil fuel companies to build coal mines, pipelines and fracked gas terminals — 36% more than any other bank.  Let Chase know what you think! Join the Stop the Money Pipeline Campaign rally, Chase Bank branch at Fifth Avenue and Ninth Street in Park Slope.  We’ll be meeting on Zoom on Wednesday, December 16, at 7:30 pm to plan further action. Please email us at for the link.


Friday, December 18


Testify at City Council – NY City Council supports community composting and wants our site and LES Ecology Center’s licenses renewed. City Council has called an oversight hearing on Community Composting with the Committee on Parks and Recreation and the Committee on Sanitation to question Parks about their short sighted decision.

  • We encourage all supporters of composting to register to testify at the hearing here. Registration to testify closes 24 hours before the hearing (12/17 at 10:59am).
  • Written testimony may be submitted without registration by emailing it to up to 72 hours after the close of the hearing.
  • The hearing can be viewed here.
  • Send copy of testimony to Mayor and Parks.  Paste your testimony into response forms for Mayor de Blasio and Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver to let them know why Parks should host composting sites instead of landfilling their yard waste.


1:30PM:  Sustainable Shorelines Webinar: Implementation of Nature-based Shoreline Projects and Initiatives since 2015

Hear about efforts over the past five years to advance nature-based shoreline protection in New York. Presentation topics include: implementation of the Community Risk and Resiliency Act, Great Lakes nature-based shoreline and coastal resilience updates, monitoring natural and nature-based shoreline features, and projects and progress along the Hudson River, Niagara River and Long Island.

For more information and to register, go to the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve’s website.

Wednesday, December 16

12:00 PM:  American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) 2020 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Which states are doing the most to save energy and which are falling behind? And how has COVID-19 and the resulting recession affected their efforts? In a comprehensive ranking of 32 metrics in five policy areas, the nonprofit ACEEE will highlight national winners and, for the first time, regional winners and states to watch. It will look at the top states for utility-sector efficiency, building energy codes, appliance standards, electric vehicles, and other policies and programs.  Register here

 5:30PM:  Scenic Hudson:  Danskammer – Isn’t it Worth Getting Right?

Join us to hear about a concept for the site that would create jobs, lower taxes and support New York’s clean energy future. The experts in energy project finance and landscape architecture who developed it will explain its positive, long-term impacts to your community. Register:

Tuesday, December 15th


We need your help to renew the license agreements for Big Reuse’s Queensbridge Community Composting Site and LES Ecology Center’s Composting in East River Park. Parks Dept is planning to evict our composting site to replace it with equipment storage and parking. Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver and Mayor Bill de Blasio have the power to renew the license agreements for community composting sites. Here are actions you can take to demand that they act now.

Attend our Press – Join the Save Our Compost coalition and elected officials for a virtual press conference where we will make the case for protecting existing compost sites on Parks. The event will be live-streamed on our Facebook page.  Watch on Zoom here.

See Friday, December 18th and register to testify!

Monday, December 14th

 12PM:  Columbia University – Center on Global Energy Policy:  Building a New Grid Without New Legislation

Expanding and strengthening the transmission grid is a key enabler of an affordable and rapid transition to a zero-carbon power sector in the United States. However, it has become conventional wisdom that sufficient development of new long-distance high-voltage transmission projects is not practically achievable due to onerous state requirements for permitting and acquiring land for such projects. Congressional action could certainly address the regulatory and barriers that currently prevent long-distance high-voltage transmission from being developed at the necessary speed and scale. However, according to new research from the Center on Global Energy Policy and NYU School of Law’s Institute for Policy Integrity*, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) could use existing authorities to overcome state regulatory obstacles and advance transmission development, even without new Congressional action.

Register Here

Saturday, December 12

12 – 2 PM:  NYC Democratic Socialists of America: Fight for Our Lives! Rally at Chuck Schumer’s Office

Join the DSA EcoSocialist Working Group, Green New Deal Campaign Committee, and the Medicare for All Campaign Committee for an action to Fight for Our Lives in front of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office! It’s at 780 3rd Ave in Manhattan, between 48th and 49th St. RSVP:

Monday December 7th

10AM:  Climate Action will host From Risk to Opportunity: Climate Transitions and Tropical Commodities

This event will bring together environment ministers and senior officials from Germany and the UK alongside private sector leaders to discuss how we can work together to eliminate deforestation from tropical commodity supply chains and support sustainable production.

The event is brought to us by Orbitas.  Orbitas is company that examines climate transition risks for capital providers financing tropical commodities. Orbitas will share the world’s first research on what risks and opportunities will stem from transitioning policies, consumer preferences, and corporate goals affecting tropical agriculture.

Featured Speakers:

·        Lord Martin Callanan, UK Minister for Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility

·        Karsten Sach, Director General, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

·        Mark Kenber, Orbitas

·        More Ministerial and private-sector leaders to be announced

Register today to join the content live or watch on demand in your own time.

Sunday, December 6

4-6PM: The Sunrise Movement:  Sunrise School

The Sunrise Movement is starting its training sessions again.  Know a young person who wants to get involved?  2021 is our time to start making the Green New Deal a reality. Biden won this election because our generation threw down, and now his time is ours. From the moment he steps into office, we need to be ready to demand that Biden take swift, bold action on climate. And if we do that, we could have some seriously big wins — from transformative executive actions, to an Office of Climate Mobilization that can ensure we begin the decade of the Green New Deal in Biden’s first 100 days. But he’ll only do that if Sunrise and our allied movements make him


Thursday, December 3

4:30PM:  New York Communities for Change:  Gov. Cuomo Birthday Bash – Tax the Rich

It’s a birthday celebration… sort of.  The Governor’s birthday is on December 6; what better gift than billions of dollars to fight inequality and climate change in NY.  New York faces budget gaps, dramatically worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. A Biden presidency won’t eliminate these gaps. Besides, federal aid was never going to satisfy the need to tax the rich to fight growing inequality and fund transformative climate action in NY. Rally outside of 212 5th Avenue (where billionaire Jeff Bezos bought a penthouse and condo for a total of $96 million).

Wednesday, December 2

2PM: The Nature Conservancy: 30% by 2030 Series: OCEAN CONSERVATION featuring Melissa Garvey, Global Director of Ocean Protection

Protect 30% of the planet by 2030: It’s an ambitious goal, and one The Nature Conservancy believes we can collectively achieve for people and nature to thrive. Join Legacy Club members and fellow loyal supporters for our exclusive virtual events with TNC’s experts to discuss transformational conservation for nature’s future.

Learn how your support is propelling groundbreaking science and innovative strategies to protect biodiversity while achieving large-scale, transformative conservation of our most important lands and waters.  REGISTER »



Join us to celebrate our work together in this challenging year!

We will miss our in-person holiday festivities this year, but we still look forward to this virtual celebration of our wonderful community. Help us reflect on how much we were able to accomplish in this difficult time and how we’ve been able to stay engaged and supportive of one another. 

We’ll also remember our beloved Dee Aherne, who passed away on November 7th. In her honor we’ll share our plans for action in 2021.

If this is the first time you’ve attended one of our meetings join the zoom at 6:30 and we’ll tell you about our working groups and how to get involved.

Bring a glass for a (digital) toast to our work together!



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

Note that our normal General Meetings held on the fourth Wednesday of the month are cancelled for November and December due to the holidays.  Join us on December 2nd instead. 

Tuesday, December 1

1PM:  Climate Central and the National Housing Trust:  The Sea Level Rise Threat to Affordable Housing

New research on affordable housing exposed to coastal flood risk warns that rising seas can be expected to triple the number of units vulnerable to flooding by 2050. This workshop will feature experts discussing the science behind the study and the options available to maintain safe, affordable housing in coastal communities as our climate changes.


1:30PM: NY Times Climate Hub: Transforming the Financial System for a Zero-Carbon Future

Traditionally, investors have had one duty – to make the greatest possible return on capital for their shareholders. It’s an outdated model that’s brought us to the brink of climate disaster, and we need a new way of understanding value and returns that looks beyond the short-term and drives resources towards scalable solutions. There are trillions of dollars in so-called ‘green’ funds, but how do we fundamentally redesign financial markets to make responsible, climate-focused investing the rule rather than the exception

Register here.

November 30th

11:00AM: AlignNY: Cyber Monday Rally: STAND UP to Amazon and Pandemic Profiteer Jeff Bezos

Cyber Monday Rally targeting Amazon’s pandemic profiteering and calling on the state to hold the company and CEO Jeff Bezos accountable by taxing the rich, funding excluded workers, and passing the NY HERO act.  212 5th Avenue, Manhattan (Jeff Bezos’ multi-million dollar apartment)

Tuesday, November 24

2PM:  Climate Action Council

New York State’s 22-member Climate Action Council, established under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, will hold a meeting to continue its work on a statewide scoping plan to guide New York State toward its nation-leading climate goals.

To observe the meeting, please use the WebEx information below. A recording of the meeting will be posted on the Climate Act website within three days of the meeting, or as soon as practicable.

View the meeting

Audio conference: 415-655-0003

Access code: 145 385 0719

For additional information on the Climate Action Council, please visit the Climate Act website

4 PM:  New York Youth Climate Leaders

As of this November, the New York Youth Climate Leaders have been fighting for climate justice for one year! We have already accomplished so much, but we have a long way to come.  To commemorate our birthday, we are hosting an anniversary webinar and social hour. During this event, we will reflect on our successes thus far and discuss our ambitious plans for the coming year. You are invited to register for the event here.

Expect to hear about our plans and goals for 2021 and listen to an exciting line-up of speakers that includes Senator-Elect Jabari Brisport, activist Ruth Foster, and Senator Liz Kruger. Don’t forget to register at!

5:30-7PM: The Natural History Museum:  Indigenous Climate Justice: Ecological and Relational Tipping Points

The Natural History Museum is teaming up with the Humboldt State University Native American Studies Program to explore the challenges and possibilities for coalition-building in a time of accelerating climate change.  This webinar explores the profound effects colonialism, capitalism, and industrialization on the contemporary conditions for climate activism, underscoring one of the central questions for activists and policy-makers today: what does it truly mean to center environmental justice in our collective response to climate change?Register here to access the Zoom link


6PM:  Food and Water Watch

The election is over (finally) and we’re ready to win real victories to protect our climate, food, and water.  Join us online to discuss our plans to take control of the U.S. Senate, win a national ban on fracking, and achieve policies at the state and national levels to safeguard our communities and planet.  Click here to RSVP:…/ny-whats-next…

6PM:  The Climate Reality Metro Chapter:  Super Storms, Erosion and Sea Level Rise

The Hurricane season of 2020 has been one for the record.  Hurricane Iota is currently barreling towards Central America at Category 5 strength.  This storm season has been so active that there weren’t even enough assigned names.  Thus, Hurricane Iota, and Alpha, Gamma, Delta, and more.  Is this year an anomaly, or a sign of what’s to come?  We know that hurricanes cause serious disruption to peoples’ lives, economies, and of course, the environment.  Also in play are increased Eco-migration and geopolitical instability.

To address these questions and more, we have put together an all-star team of scientists for the next Climate Reality Meeting. On panel are Kerry Emanuel:  prominent meteorologist and climate scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Prof Bharti Chhibber: author, socio-political analyst and environmentalist, Suzana J. Camargo:  Research Professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University and Chia-Ying Lee: Assistant Research Professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Click here to join us and learn how, and if, we can mitigate against the worst case scenarios.


Monday, November 23

4PM: The Natural History Museum:  Fire and Food Sovereignty

The Natural History Museum is teaming up with the Humboldt State University Native American Studies Program to explore the challenges and possibilities for coalition-building in a time of accelerating climate change.  For thousands of years tribes across California and the world have used intentional burns to renew local food, basketry, medicinal and cultural resources, create habitat for animals, and reduce the risk of larger, more dangerous wildfires. This panel discussion will provide insights on the relationship between fire and food sovereignty.  Register here to access the Zoom link

Friday, November 20

Noon:  NYRenews:  Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) Launch

NYRenews convenes a statewide conversation to go over what this moment means for our fight for climate justice, and share how you can get involved. RSVP here.

It is critically important that New York state lead on climate justice, and specifically to invest real money into the communities hit hardest by pollution, Covid, and the climate crisis.

We’re working to pass the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA), a law that would raise $15 billion every year to build a just transition in New York State. Last year, when we passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), New York became a national beacon on climate, influencing everything from policies in other states to the climate plans put forward by the Biden campaign and the US Senate Democrats.


Thursday, November 19

Noon:  SciensWater – Rethinking Water

Clean tap water is no longer a given. Across the United States, in major cities and small towns, drinking water is contaminated by industry, aging infrastructure, and weakening government oversight. According to the National Academy of Sciences in 2015, the same year the Flint crisis began, there are 21 million people in the US served by water systems that violate health standards. In this Webinar, we bring pioneering speakers from various sectors to share with us how they view the Water Crisis and the extent of the long-term economic and social impact.

3 – 4:15PM:  Pachamama Alliance Global Gathering

Special announcement from Drawdown NYC co-founders Elly Lessin and Keith Voos:  Please join Lynne Twist, Jane Goodall, Van Jones and others on to learn about what Pachamama Alliance is doing in the world and about their extraordinary educational programs.  Please reserve your spot by November 6 in Elly Lessin’s private watch party by following these steps:

1.Go to

2.Find and select Elly Lessin in the drop-down box on the right

3.Complete and submit the form.

Wednesday, November 18

7PM:  350NYC Media Meeting



2 PM: The Nature Conservancy: 30% by 2030 Series: LAND CONSERVATION featuring Jeffrey Parrish, Global Managing Director for Nature Protection

Protect 30% of the planet by 2030: It’s an ambitious goal, and one The Nature Conservancy believes we can collectively achieve for people and nature to thrive. Join Legacy Club members and fellow loyal supporters for our exclusive virtual events with TNC’s experts to discuss transformational conservation for nature’s future.

Learn how your support is propelling groundbreaking science and innovative strategies to protect biodiversity while achieving large-scale, transformative conservation of our most important lands and waters.  REGISTER »


Tuesday, November 17

11:00 AM:  The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy:  How Biden Can Cut Carbon Emissions and Utility Bills With Appliance Standards

Meeting the climate and energy goals spelled out by President-elect Biden will require that the new administration prioritize actions to save energy and cut emissions from day one. U.S. appliance, equipment and lighting standards have done more to save energy in buildings than any other policy but the Department of Energy (DOE) has fallen woefully behind on its obligations to update them. DOE has missed more than two-dozen legal deadlines and a similar number are coming due within the next four years. This briefing will present the findings of a major new report from the Appliance Standards Awareness Project and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy that examines how much can be accomplished for the climate and for consumers’ pocketbooks with appliance, equipment, and lighting standards adopted by DOE within the next four years.

Register Here

Monday, November 16

9AM – 5PM: Beyond Plastics

Beyond Plastics and a coalition of groups have organized a call in to Senator Gillibrand (202-224-4451) urging her to become a sponsor of the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act. We hope you can help promote the call-in.  Currently, the bill has 10 co-sponsors in the Senate where it’s known as S. 3263 (and 89 co-sponsors in the House where it’s known as H.R. 5845.)

Phone numbers, script and call reporting form are here:

Facebook event:


6:30PM:  Sunrise Wind Farm

Ørsted U.S.and Eversource will be hosting a (free) virtual open house meeting to discuss the Sunrise Wind Farm project located off the South Shore of  Long Island. Join the meeting to learn about this vital wind project, submit comments and speak out.

If you’d like to pre-register for the Virtual Open House, please click here and provide your contact information and we’ll send you an email with a reminder.

Click here at 6:30 pm EST on November 16th for the Virtual Open House.


Now through the Week of Nov 16

Join Sane Energy for 5 online weeks with Fire Mountain School of Martial Arts.

The fight is long. We have experienced phases of burn-out going up against the fossil fuel industry and government that doesn’t want to change. How do we best prepare ourselves for the coming conflicts so we can stay clear and grounded in moments of severe agitation and conflict?  How can we advocate, preserve, and protect what we love without damaging our health or losing our s***? Come with us on a 5-week-journey. Sane Energy is joining forces with the Fire Mountain School of Chinese Martial Arts and Energy Fitness to learn and practice together: Register HERE sliding scale.


Thursday, November 12

7:00PM:  Divest NYSTRS

The NYS Teachers Retirement Fund (NYSTRS) has billions of dollars invested in fossil fuels. Teachers, students and climate activists have joined together to call on NYSTRS to stop funding climate destruction.  Please join us for a Divest NYSTRS Webinar (REGISTER HERE) to learn about how these investments are bad for our planet’s future and are bad for the financial future of the pension that thousands of teachers depend on.

For more information, check out the webpage at SIGN OUR PETITION HERE.


Wednesday, November 11th

 7:00-9:00 pm Transportation Working Group 

Electric school buses and more.  If you are interested in attending the Zoom Transportation meeting, please email Leslie Stevens, to register.


Tuesday, November 10

 7PM:  Sierra Club NYC Plastic Pollution Solutions Committee:  Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is one of our most polluting industries and the speakers will present a variety of sustainable alternatives.  SPEAKERS: Andrea Kennedy, Professor of Fashion Sustainability at LIM College and founder of (; Amy Hall, VP of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher; and Kathleen Kirkwood, founder  B.R.A. Recycling Agency.

Here’s the ZOOM link

Wednesday, November 4th

 7:00-9:00 pm Local Issues Meeting

Wednesday, November 4th

Protect the Results coalition will activate nationwide mobilizations if Trump undermines the election results to demand that all the votes are counted and for the peaceful transition of power.  Sign up here:

to demand that all the votes are counted and for the peaceful transition of power.  Sign up here:

Tuesday, November 3

Election Day!  May all of our hard work pay off.


 2PM: Rise and Resist

Join R&R in Times Square, under the Ivanka/Jared billboards, as we remind folks that every vote has to be counted before a state can be “called” for a candidate. We probably won’t know the nationwide results for a few days, or even a week or more.  On election day we will be getting ready to make sure that Trump doesn’t try to claim a victory before the results are in.

Monday, November 2

11:30 – 12:30AM:  American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

Replacing gas-burning heating systems in commercial buildings with efficient electrified heat-pumps could reduce these buildings’ total GHG emissions by 44%, according to a new report by the ACEEE. The conversions would help enable the buildings to ultimately become “zero carbon” as the electric grid moves toward renewable energy sources. But policymakers will need to act to spur a widespread shift to heat pumps.

Buildings are responsible for nearly one-third of GHG emissions in the United States, both from fuel burning on site and the emissions from power plants serving the buildings. The new report models the impacts of replacing several types of gas-based heating systems in existing commercial buildings with various electric heat pump systems.

 Register for the report webinar

Early Voting Continues


Wednesday, October 28th
 7:00-8:30pm Monthly General Meeting

Meet Josh and Rebecca Tickell, directors of Kiss the Ground, a 2020 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection

To attend register here.  First time attendees join at 6:30 for an introduction to 350NYC.

Watch Kiss the Ground on Netflix or you can rent it for $1 at
– NY Times

Learn more about Kiss the Ground @

Watch the Trailer

Facebook Event for more info:




Wednesday, October 21

6:30 PM:  350NYC Media Task Force 

Tuesday, October 20

Noon:  AlignNY

This spring the Climate Works for All coalition launched the Climate and Community Stimulus Platform, a series of infrastructure projects that will move us towards our climate goals and create 100,000 good union jobs for New York’s Black and Brown and environmental justice communities.  AlignNY will launch the next phase of the campaign, releasing a comprehensive report, putting us on a path towards a just recovery for NYC.


2:00PM and 6:00PM: Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Public Hearings on proposed Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits Rule

This is the first deliverable on emission limits pertaining

 to the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).  Let’s hold the agency accountable to the comprehensive climate legislation that sets aggressive clean energy and climate targets for NYS!

2:00PM link here.

Event Number: 173 919 8809

Password: Oct20-2PM

To join by phone only, dial: 1-518-549-0500

Access Code: 173 919 8809


6:00PM link here. 

Event Number: 173 730 1808

Password: Oct20-6PM

To join by phone only, dial: 1-518-549-0500

Access Code: 173 730 1808


6PM:  Stop the Money Pipeline and BlackRock’s Big Problem

We invite you to join us to make plans and strategize on how to keep the pressure up on BlackRock through what is sure to be a challenging time coming up.  We’ll be sending more info around about that soon, please save your seat now.

ICYMI, here’s the cool video from the global 10/2 actions.

Monday, October 19

6PM: Food and Water Watch

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: PUBLIC POWER FOR NEW YORK:  As the giant energy corporations try to maintain our reliance on fossil fuels, it’s time to take control of our energy systems! Join us online to discuss the campaign to give power to the people – literally. Click here to register.



Tuesday, October 13

6PM:  NYRenews

NYRenews will be hosting the People’s CAC meeting to debrief, share, and hear your opinions and ideas for how to equitably decarbonize our communities. Register for the meeting here.

There will be a summary of the last CAC – and 350NYC’s very own Shayok Mukhopadhyay will be presenting the summary on Electricity.  The People’s CAC will also be starting what we hope will become a series on false solutions – Shayok will be talking about CCS as the first one.

Wednesday, October 7th
7:00-9:00pm    Local Issues Working Group

Phoebe Flaherty from Align Alliance of Greater NY will be speaking with us about the next phase of Climate Works For All – the Climate and Community Stimulus Platform

Register here in advance for this meeting.      

Friday, October 2nd

2- 3:30PM:  Stop the Money Pipeline – Stop Funding Tarsands Digital Rally

Stop the Money Pipeline is organizing a Tar Sands Frontlines – Hold Big Money Accountable – Day of Action.  This is a coordinated national day of action targeting the funders and insurers of the tar sands sector, in particular the tar sands pipelines Trans Mountain, Line 3, and Keystone XL.  There will be two components to the Day of Action: One, an online rally with frontline leaders and organizers, calls to action and livestreams from socially distanced actions happening at corporate HQs.  Two, for those groups that want to organize socially distanced, Covid-safe actions in their communities, we encourage you to do so!  We’ll hear from Indigenous leaders ― and we will livestream from actions at corporate HQs of those bankrolling the pipelines. We’ll be calling and writing to the decision makers of our targets, taking the pledge to never bank with fossil funders and helping to make our message travel far and wide on social media.

Join us for The Tar Sands Frontlines – Day of Solidarity – Online Rally. RSVP:

Or join us for a covid safe old fashion rally:

2- 3:30PM:  NYCC, Rise & Resist, 350NYC – Chase & Blackrock Stop Fueling Climate Destruction

This is part of the above coordinated national day of action targeting the funders and insurers of the fossil fuel industry.  Click here for the Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 30

7:00PM:  DNC Council on Environment and Climate Crisis

The Council’s fifth Roundtable, “Climate on the Ballot,” will engage a number of speakers for an important conversation, breathtaking poetry from one of the nation’s leading eco-poets, Council updates — and calls to action.  RSVP & SUBMIT QUESTIONS FOR THE SPEAKERS


8PM: – Stronger than Storms: Climate & Just Recovery Forum

While we grapple with the compound crises of climate change-fueled fires and storms, racial and economic injustice and COVID-19, – it’s time for us to come together. As we fight to protect Black, Indigenous, communities of color, and workers on the frontlines of these crises, we need to be stronger to support one another by organizing for immediate relief.

That’s why on September 30th at 8pm EST, we’re organizing Stronger than Storms: Climate & Just Recovery Forum with some amazing partners and a powerful lineup of frontline leaders. We need you with us. RSVP now.

Tuesday, September 29th

6:00PM:  Beyond Plastics

Join Senator Tom Udall (D-NM), Senator Udall’s senior policy advisor, Jonathan Black, and Representative Alan Lowenthal’s senior legislative assistant, Shane Trimmer, for a free educational webinar about the new Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act (SB 3263/ HR 5845) moderated by Beyond Plastics’ president, Judith Enck.


7:00PM:  Food & Water Watch’s 15 Anniversary Virtual Benefit:

Join Jane Fonda and other featured guests to celebrate 15 years of accomplishments and support many more to come.  For more information and to RSVP, click here.

Featured Event: Kick off Climate Week 

Monday, September 21, 7-9PM   


The annual Drawdown event, now virtual, will be happening on Monday September 21 from 7pm – 9pm for the kick off night to Climate Week NYC! It is jam-packed with extraordinary people engaged in the solutions to the climate crisis. You won’t want to miss the line-up of scientists, business leaders and individuals actually bringing forth the solutions and the ground-breaking work of Project Drawdown!

From a former commercial fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer to a micro grid energy expert now the solar strategy Lead for IKEA’s global research and design lab, to transformative business leaders, youth activists and award-winning filmmakers and their films, you’ll be inspired by what you hear and what you see.


Join co-Hosts Lynne Twist, co-founder of Pachamama Alliance and author, “Soul of Money” and Amanda Joy Ravenhill, executive director, The Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Participants will include Chad Frischmann, VP of research for Project Drawdown; John Liu, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Eco-Restoration Camps; Damon Gameau, award- winning filmmaker 2040; Alexandria Villasenor, youth climate activist and Louie Psihoyos, Academy Award-winning filmmaker and more.

As some of you know, for each of the last two years, Drawdown NYC, 350NYC, the New York Society for Ethical Culture and Climate Reality NYC, have helped organize a big live event to tell the stories of the incredible people around the world who are building the solutions we need to lower emissions and live more sustainably on this planet. Two years ago, we heard from Bill McKibben, Katharine Wilkinson of Project Drawdown, Dan Zarrilli NYC’s Chief Sustainability Officer, and many others. Last year, there was a very special discussion between former Vice President Al Gore and young climate activists leading protests all over the world.

Your help to get the word out could make this year’s event HUGE!  Thanks for putting this out to all of your networks and on your social media platforms.

Learn more about Project Drawdown

Watch the past Drawdown Events:

DRAWDOWN 2019 w/ Al Gore & the Youth Climate Strikers

DRAWDOWN 2018  w/ Bill McKibben


September 21st-27th Climate Week Events program is now live!

The Climate Week NYC calendar is now available. Programs range from Youth, Public Mobilization and Climate Justice to Sustainable Travel and Tourism. Check out the full events program for more information.


Tuesday, September 22nd

10AM:  NYCC rally on Intro 1947

This bill will expand New York City’s “Green New Deal” law, Local Law 97 of 2019, to cut pollution from more large buildings and create good jobs fighting the climate crisis.  Our goal is 50-100 activists plus city council members joining this virtual event.

Please click here to RSVP for the virtual press conference at 10am on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Also, Contact your Council member and push them to co-sponsor and pass Intro 1947.  If they are already a co-sponsor, ask them to join the virtual rally!

Wednesday, September 23

PCM-NY is hosting a webinar called The Intricacies and Intersections of Climate, Abolition, and Decolonization.  More info to come.


3:00PM:  BlackRock’s Big Problem: Defund Deforestation

Join this fast-paced, interactive webinar to push BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street – “The Big 3” investors—to stop deforestation:

·Learn about the global deforestation crisis and its impacts on people and planet

·Hear from frontline activists fighting deforestation and human rights abuses

·Understand how consumer brands and major investors are behind the destruction



Help us promote the event: share on Facebook

Food & Water Watch

Please save this date for the monthly meeting, “Elect Climate Champions: Creating a Green Wave in New York’s Battleground Districts”.

Thursday, September 24

6PM:  Beyond Plastics – Fight plastic pollution in NYC

Join Beyond Plastics and NYPIRG in finding legislative and practical solutions to our growing plastic pollution crisis.

Click here to register.


Sunday, September 20

1PM: PCM-NY — “Climate Justice Through Racial Justice March & Rally”

Building movements for racial, economic, and climate justice in NYC requires using every tool we have available – be that voting, completing the census, holding elected officials accountable, and mobilizing mass actions.  To kick off Climate Week, we gathering at “Columbus Circle” to make clear the intersection between climate justice and racial justice.  With an emphasis on racial justice, we seek to set a tone for the week.  We cannot achieve climate justice without racial justice.

Thursday, September 17

1:00PM:  Blackrock: Defund the Deportation Machine & Invest in Climate Justice

We are rallying with our friends at Mijente, New York Communities for Change, and Friends of the Earth-US to demand BlackRock immediately engage with Palantir and end its contracts with ICE to conduct mass raids, separate families, and terrorize immigrant communities.  Save your seat now.

Wednesday, September 16
6:30-8:00 Media Task Force
        7:00-8:30 Transportation Working Group

Wednesday, September 16

1:00PM:  NO North Brooklyn Pipeline:  Halt the Pipeline Petition Delivery & Press Event:

Help send a message to Governor Cuomo and other elected officials in opposition to National Grid’s North Brooklyn Pipeline and other fracked gas infrastructure projects.


4:30 – 5:30PM:  Stop Danskammer: Call Out Tiger Infrastructure Partners

Join activists from the Hudson Valley in speaking out against the international hedge fund that’s backing the Danskammer fracked gas power plant expansion in Newburgh.


Wednesday, September 16

6:30PM: TIAA-Divest Academic Zoominar with Bill McKibben

The TIAA-Divest!Team has been busy over the summer and we’d love to bring you up to date on our activities and TIAA’s continued financing of fossil fuel and deforestation projects.  So, to kick off the 2020 academic year, we’re inviting you to join the 2020 TIAA-Divest! Academic Zoominarwith special guests Bill McKibben ( and Katelyn Kriesel (Divest NY) RSVP here to save your spot for the TIAA Divest! Academic Zoominar


Tuesday, September 15th

7PM on Zoom:  XRNYC

Virtual event on Citizens’ Assemblies. Join an evening on deliberative democracy featuring Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer who will speak with Robert Kolodny to learn more about how we can build the future we choose. RSVP here.

Monday, September 14th

Last day to watch for free.  Rob Herring Co-Director/Co-Producer (with Ryan Wirick), Earth Conscious Films.  See

You can also give this link to people you know, so they can sign up and join in the free

This film is not just about hope. It’s about changing the conversation to focus on the solutions that already exist.

Sunday, September 13

5 PM – 7 PM: Screening of “Rigged, the Voter Suppression Playbook.”

Register here.

Thursday, September 10

10AM: DivestNY:  Virtual press conference

1100+ Academics sign letter demanding state legislators #DivestNY from fossil fuels

Please join a big virtual media


hosted by #DivestNY during which a letter from over a thousand academics and scientists calling on state legislators to

 pass the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act will be released.  Register on zoom here.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Farhana Sultana, Associate Professor of Geography, Syracuse University; Research Director for the Program on Environmental Collaboration and Conflicts at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. 
  • Dr. Rebecca Bratspies, Professor of Environmental Law, CUNY School of Law
  • Dr. Bob Howarth, David R. Atkinson Professor of Ecology & Environmental Biology, Cornell University
  • Bill McKibben, co-founder and Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College
  • Katie Sims, Cornell University Class of 2020 Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability, member of Climate Justice Cornell.
  • Moderator: Hridesh Singh, Executive Director, New York Youth Climate Leaders, freshman Williams College


All day:  Beyond Plastics:  Part 2,  STRAWS BY REQUEST CALL IN 

Let’s use Sept 10th as 

a follow up day to call the legislative office of Corey Johnson at  212-788-7210.  Call at your leisure. Progress in numbers!

Wednesday, September 9

10:15AM: DivestNY — NY State Teachers Retirement Fund (NSYTRS) Virtual Protest 

Come and hold signs saying Climate Action or


NYSTRS has billions 

invested in fossil fuels that are destroying the climate. Divest NY Teachers 

Campaign has been invited to present at the Assets Advisory Committee Meeting of NYSTRS.

 The WebEx meeting starts at 8:30am and

 at about 9:30am the Sustainability Coordinator of Blackrock (the largest

 investor in fossil fuels) will present.  At 10:30 Divest NY Teachers Campaign make the case for divestment.


Noon:  Beyond Plastics:  Part 1 , STRAWS BY REQUEST ZOOM and Tweet Day

Let’s ask New York City Council Speaker Corey

Johnson to bring the Straws by Request Bill to a vote.  We will be holding a  Zoom event with live

 music!  Please share with friends and on social



Tuesday, September 8

6:00 PM : Manhattan Borough President’s Office CoHosts Solar for New Yorkers: A Free Online Workshop

Join Solar One and the Manhattan BP Office of Gale Brewer for an overview of solar technology, business models, and how to save money with solar at your home or business. Did you know that solar isn’t just for homeowners anymore? Community shared solar allows renters to participate in local solar projects too, saving money and protecting the environment.

Register in advance for this webinar:

In addition, we have our full roster of upcoming webinars and means of registration below:


Monday, September 7

1PM: XR NYC September Rebellion Launch

Meet at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.  Help kick-off the rebellion with a ceremony of love and grief for planet Earth, followed by a vibrant parade through Central Park. The rebellion launch will end with Rebel Fest, where we’ll come together to celebrate our collective power.

Wednesday, September 2nd

7PM  350NYC Local Issues Working Group  

Renewable Rikers, Closing Peaker plants, Public Utilities.  Whole lot to talk about.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Saturday, August 29

Get ready for another #ShoeStrike.  All photos welcome.  Don’t forget the hashtag.  More on this as we get closer.

Due by August 31

Send comments on the NY State 2020 Clean Energy Standard

The NYS Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) required utilities to purchase around 8% each year increasing amounts of renewable energy each year.  In 2016 the name was changed to Clean Energy Standard so that nuclear energy in western NY would be subsidized with 7.6 billion of ratepayers’ utility bill fees. Now the State is seeking to extend this insanity and add a process to include hydropower from megadams built in First Nation ancestral lands. 

Comments on the June 18 White Paper for the NYS 2020 Clean Energy Standard are due by August 31. Click here to submit comments.  If you have questions or want more background information please contact Annie Wilson at, or  call her at 718-636-6709

Wednesday, August 26

7PM  350NYC General Meeting 

Our guest speaker will be New York City Council Member Costa Constantinides, chair of the Environmental Protection Committee.

 All are welcome. First time attendees join at 6:30 for an orientation to our work.

Register in advance for this meeting:–uqD4jH9CfiFTwF5WmZGwePeZu0JVu 

Tuesday, August 25

6:00 – 7:30PM – Food and Water Watch

FWW will be discussing the “Ban Fracking Everywhere” campaign in support of the Fracking Ban Act introduced in Congress by AOC and Bernie Sanders.

Click here to register and you’ll be sent information about how to join the meeting.

Tuesday, August 18

1:00PM – Green America – The Climate Disaster Hiding in Our Refrigerators

Beth Porter will discuss how improving refrigerants is ranked as one of the biggest climate solutions and can prevent half a degree of global warming. She shares ways to take action on this important issue.  Register here:

Wednesday, August 19

Noon – NYRenews launchs a Climate, Jobs, and Justice Recovery campaign to call on the state legislature and governor to act at the scale needed to address the interrelated climate, injustice, and economic crises.

Wednesday, August 19

6:30PM  350NYC Media Task Force Working Group 

The meeting will be held online.

For info on joining this working group, click Get Involved!

Wednesday, August 12

5pm: NYC Dept of City Planning webinar

The Dept of City Planning is convening a webinar to address a controversial proposal to dramatically revise the process for approving new development plans. The particulars that will be discussed have to do with Staten Island, but if the proposal moves forward there it could become a model for how these decisions are made throughout NYC. The core issue with the proposal is that it would allow development projects to move forward with very limited approvals or oversight, thereby opening the door for even more over-development and all of the problems that will bring. To register for this webinar, click here:

Thursday, August 13

Noon:  Renewable Heat Now teach-in on the Next Generation of Thermal Infrastructure!

Speakers will discuss geothermal district heating models, thermal infrastructure ownership options and how we can finance getting to scale. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and take action for clean energy infrastructure!  REGISTER HERE

Wednesday, August 19

Noon:  NYRenews kick off of the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Recovery campaign.

Join our virtual rally and press conference on August 19th at noon to launch the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Recovery campaign.


Sunday, August 9

2PM:  Upper West Side MoveOn/Indivisible Group Meeting – Presentation on Biden’s Policies:  Climate [by Jennifer Herring] followed by discussion and sharing what political actions each of us engaged in over the last 2 weeks [letters/postcard writing, texting, phoning, rallying [which organizations, the targets, the script, how effective, anecdotes] to keep each other accountable, creating community. New activists welcome.


Tuesday, August 11

12PM: Spanish-language seminar for clean power in NYC. Energía Solar en Nueva York/New Yorkers for Clean Power will be hosting a webinar in Spanish about the growth of solar energy in NYC with Here Comes Solar. Here Comes Solar is Solar One’s program that facilitates solar adoption in hard-to-serve markets.

El 11 de Agosto tendremos un seminario web presentado en español sobre la energía solar en la ciudad de Nueva York. Incluso si no viven en Nueva York o Estados Unidos, los invitamos a unirse y aprender cómo esta ciudad está aumentando su capacidad solar y tratando de apoyar a las comunidades marginadas para que participen.

Register Here:

8PM:  Future Coalition – Black and Indigenous youth are joining together for Vote For the Earth, a livestream focused on the importance of turning out to the polls this November for the most important election of our lifetime.

Wednesday, August 5

6 – 7:15PM:  NYRenews is having its first public conversation about the plan of action for the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Recovery campaign in an interactive strategy chat at 6pm on August 5th.  Register here:

Shoe Strike for Climate Justice!

Saturday, July 25th  – All Day!

Fridays for Future

Strike for Climate!



Shoe strike Purpose:
The climate crisis and the call for climate justice must not be forgotten. We want everyone to realize the extent of what is happening as climate impacts unfold, especially on folks of lower and middle income.  Since some prefer not to gather in person, we will substitute shoes for people.
Please post on Twitter and FB social media on Saturday, July 25th with the hashtag #shoestrike &  #shoestrike25july . Please ask your friends to do the same. Activists will be doing this all over the world and we’d like the hashtags to trend on July 25th.


Switch to renewables

Meeting Calendar