Stop the Money Pipeline to Big Oil! 

Jamie Dimon leads JPMorgan Chase Bank, the world’s largest funder of the fossil fuel industry, providing over $317B in climate-killing projects since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Chase is investing in oil pipelines, coal mines, and fracked gas terminals, causing deforestation and wrecking a livable climate.

Dimon is the fossil fuel industry’s best friend, sweetheart, and sugar daddy, and it’s time to end the relationship.

And we made a Valentine’s Day video to show it! Watch Dimon is Oil’s Best Friend and Take Action!

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Do you bank at Chase?
  1. As a customer, you can tell Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, to stop funding fossil fuels and deforestation. Sign on to an open letter and/or send a personal letter to Jamie Dimon.
  2. Or perhaps you’re ready to align your money with your values.  Take your money out of Chase Bank. It’s Time to Bank For Good – MOVE YOUR MONEY
Have a minute to call Jamie Dimon? 

Call Chase CEO Jamie Dimon at 212-270-1111 to demand that CHASE stop funding climate chaos.

Use this script:

“Hi, I am calling because I am greatly concerned about the fact that Chase is continuing to finance the corporations that are most responsible for causing climate change: the fossil fuel industry and corporations engaged in widespread tropical deforestation. Can you please pass the message along to Mr. Dimon?”

If you are a Chase customer, make sure to mention that!. If no one answers, please leave a voicemail.

Can you also send Chase an email?

JPMorgan Chase has released its 2030 target for aligning its business model with the 2015 Paris Agreement. But for at least the next ten years, Chase doesn’t intend to make any meaningful changes to reduce funding the fossil fuel industry at all.

Use this email link to Tell Chase: No More Greenwashing!

And add your voice to Defund Line 3, a climate-killing new pipeline!

Call or email to demand that banks including Chase, Citi, Bank of America and TD Bank STOP financing Line 3.

Using this call tool, click Jamie Dimon and when you click the MAKE THE CALL button, the system will call your phone and patch you through.

Once your call is completed, if you want to stay on the line, the tool will dial the next target.

UPDATE: If mailboxes are full, send an email now!

Take action and send an email to the CEOs of the major Wall Street banks letting them know that this greenwashing won’t be tolerated.

Ready to do a bit more to help the planet? Join us to call out Chase Bank in online reviews at every branch in the country.
  1. Click a state on the map and choose a Chase Bank branch on Google Maps to review — or go to Chase’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  2. Write a review to tell Chase: Stop using our money to destroy our lives. Fund a sustainable future!
  3. “Like” other climate-aware reviews when you see them

4.  Record your reviews on this page.



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