350NYC is a local affiliate of 350.org, a global grassroots network of local groups in over 188 countries working to solve the climate crisis since 2008.

350NYC focuses on local campaigns in New York City and New York State as well as global climate campaigns.  We host and participate in events, meetings, rallies, art builds, and protests in coalition with allied organizations for a sustainable future for everyone.

350NYC is an all-volunteer organization that is run by a steering committee and four working groups: one to divest New York pension funds from fossil fuels, one for local sustainability solutions and climate education, one for props and art-work for our actions, and one for web and media.

Why the name 350?  

350 is the number of parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere we need to return to in order to preserve our future. Though we were below 350 ppm up until the 1980s, we are now over 400 ppm and rising due to excessive burning of coal oil and gas. (More on the science of 350).   


350NYC was founded in 2011 by singer-songwriter/filmmaker Lyna Hinkel after she was sent by 350 National to a leadership training with 13 other activists from around the country. After the training everyone went back to their home cities and started their local 350 groups. In 2011, it was hard to find news coverage about climate change and though we’ve come a long way since then, so has the climate crisis. Learn more about the history of 350NYC here.

Our Allies

350NYC is part of a vibrant and active climate movement in New York City and NY State.  Some organizations and coalitions that we collaborate with include Divest NY, the NYC Grassroots Alliance, Sane Energy Project, WinWind NY, The People’s Climate Movement, NY  (PCMNY),  NY Renews, and Food & Water Watch  

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Steering Committee

Lyna Hinkel

LYNA HINKEL founded 350NYC in 2011, served as group leader until 2015, and is now on the Steering Committee. She was a founding member of the Fossil Free NYC Divestment Campaign, which she chaired intermittently from 2012-2018, and she has orchestrated many events, protests and forums, including Moving Planet and Draw The Line NYC.

Professionally, her background is in film production and international children’s television including work for WNET Thirteen, Nickelodeon, and Children’s Television Workshop (International Department). She holds a BDIC degree in Film Studies from the University of Massachusetts of Amherst via the Five College Program, and is a singer-songwriter.

Lyna was first trained in civil disobedience by the Clamshell Alliance in 1977 while working on the documentary film “The Last Resort” prior to being arrested for occupying the Seabrook Nuclear Power plant site in New Hampshire, one of the largest mass arrests in US history.

Monica Weiss

With a B.A. and M.S. in Environmental Education from Queens College, CUNY, she was an NYC Early Childhood Teacher for 20 years.  Since 2013, she has been a climate activist with 350NYC focusing on education, community outreach and sustainable solutions, including leading the partnership with Pachamama’s Drawdown 100.

She is a member of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, chairing their Environmental Stewardship Committee and Sunday Program Committee, a member of NYC Grassroots Alliance, and a Leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.





John Ingram

John Ingram is devoting his retirement to making art and climate activism with 350NYC, where he focuses on Divest NYC Coalition and Divest NY State Coalition, along with an international effort, Health in Harmony (ASRI Kalimantan, Indonesia).

Previously, his career involved Art Education and Administration at the United Nations International School, Lincoln Center Institute (Moma), Cooper Union, Studio in a School, Pratt School of Art, McBurney School, and the Educational Center for the Arts (New Haven).

He holds a MFA in Sculpture from Yale, and a BA from Trinity in Studio Art and Art History, and has three children, Tamar, Mattan, and Miles.



Dan Miner

Dan Miner is a longtime environmental and community activist. Now promoting LED lighting upgrades for buildings, he previously did community outreach for NYSERDA’s Green Jobs New York Program, and worked as District Manager of Manhattan Community Board 6, and at Long Island City Partnership.

He also focuses on school gardens in Forest Hills, and is interested in biochar.  http://www.beyondoilnyc.org.

Leslie Stevens

Leslie Stevens has been active with 350NYC.org for two years, and on climate change for over 4 years. She is lead for 350NYC on the annual March for Science and Teach-in, and is starting a group to look at the 2nd leading GHG cause in NYC: transportation. She is an active participant in Climate Action Mondays since the beginning, and has Adopted the NJ07 District. Professionally, Leslie teaches Systems Engineering (Complex Systems) to graduate students at Stevens Institute of Technology. She believes climate change is a large, complex system, and applies systems thinking to solving CC problems. Prior to teaching, she was an executive at AT&T in information technology. She trained as a Climate Reality Leader in 2018, and is a member of the NYC chapter.

Margaret Perkins

Margaret Perkins has been active with 350NYC.org for over four years, leading advocacy for NYC Council climate legislation including solar and wind projects, strict building energy efficiency standards, and phasing out of fossil fuel power plants in Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn. Professionally, Margaret has a PhD in biochemistry from Monash University in Australia, and was a malaria researcher at Rockefeller University, a public health epidemiologist at UNICEF and other health organizations, and an adjunct faculty member at CUNY, teaching Medical Parasitology and Evaluation of Health Care Policy. She is also a member of the Population, Consumption and Environment Committee for NY City Sierra Club.

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