Transportation emits over 25% of NYC’s global heating gases, as well as creating significant respiratory health issues through pollution.

Today in NYC about 10,000 diesel-fueled school buses are routed through and parked in our most vulnerable communities. 350 NYC has pushed very hard to electrify the city’s school bus fleet. Electrification will improve air quality and health outcomes for children, communities on the bus routes, and drivers, while reducing global warming and creating a launchpad to transition other medium and heavy-duty vehicles to battery power. In 2021, we worked within the NYC Electric School Bus Coalition to successfully pass City Council Intro 0455. This law mandates that NYC will have 100% electric school buses by 2035.

Our other areas of interest include: 

  • Taking our streets back from cars in favor of pedestrians, bike, and bus lanes,
  • Congestion Pricing, and 
  • Electrifying MTA buses. 

We hope you will join us. We welcome you and as a group, we can do more.

350NYC and other members of the Electric School Bus Coalition with NYC councilmember Jim Gennaro (far right) at demonstration of an electric bus.


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