Divestment is a Global Movement to deligitimize the Fossil Fuel Industry by divesting all institutional and personal investments from its unstable, destructive, and degenerate companies. It is a movement of urgency to change all energy from dirty to clean in time to avoid a hothouse planet. The message that Full Divestment sends to the world is to change now for our climate and our money. So far 5.5 trillion dollars have been divested from institutions around the world. Reinvestment in clean energy funds is increasingly an excellent option for a just, optimistic economy.



Five Years of Activism: NYC Commits to Fossil Fuel Divestment

4 Billion dollars will be fully divested from NYC Pension funds by 2022 !!


New York State Governor Cuomo supports divestment and has asked State Pension Fund Comptroller. Tom DiNapoli to follow the city’s bold lead.
He is working on a plan for a State Decarbonization strategy. Comptroller DiNapoli supports the idea of Shareholder Engagement rather than Divestment. So far Shareholder Engagement sounds good but has had NO effect on decarbonization within the industry.There is no time left.
Money Must Move to Make the Message:Fossil Fuels are Finished!
We need to Divest Now!

Call Comptroller DiNapoli : (212) 383-1600 or 518-474-4044 and urge him to divest the state pension funds from fossil fuels (you can also tweet him at @TomDiNapoli or @NYSComptroller).

Script:please divest the NYS pension from fossil fuels. It is wrong to invest the pension fund in companies that are destroying the planet through global warming. And is increasingly a risky financial investment.



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