Sustainable NYC


Sustainable NYC, a project of 350NYC, supports the campaign for “100% Renewables by 2030”. Our Sustainable Solutions Working Group is committed to helping  New Yorker’s reduce their carbon footprint and advocate for solutions like community solar and off-shore wind. Check out our “Switch to Wind” and “Lighting the Way NYC”  programs and get involved.

100-RENEWABLE-e1428928797706Support the NY State Campaign for 100% Renewables  by 2030!      Call your state legislators to ask them to sign on as co-sponsors to the NYS 100% by 2030 bill A7497 (Colton) and S 5527 (Hoylman).
Assembly switchboard is 518 455-4100; Senate is 518 455-2800

Sign the 100% by 2030 petition   Find out how your organization can sign on in support of this goal. 

Lighting the Way NYC

Be a part of a bright idea! Our project  “Lighting the Way”, is switching out an entire low-income senior residence with free LED light bulbs and cutting carbon while helping our neighbors save on their electricity bill. Inspired by Green Light New Orleans,

You can donate and find out more at

Switch to Wind NYC

Another one of our campaigns is “Switch to Wind” to get New York City residents to make the switch to renewable electricity. It’s easy to do and it makes a big difference.

If you are a typical NYC resident, at present only 2% of your electricity comes from renewable sources: the other 98% is from a mixture of oil, gas, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power.If you live in a house or small/medium apartment building, we suggest that you explore the option of installing solar panels. However, for New Yorkers who live in larger apartment buildings, the most convenient, sustainable choice is to switch to wind energy through Green Power Purchasing. Whether you rent or own your apartment, every New Yorker who pays their own utility bill has the power to choose a clean, renewable energy. Your choice can make a contribution to solving the climate crisis.

Learn more about how you can make the switch to renewable energy today. And LET US KNOW WHEN YOU MAKE THE SWITCH!

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