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Indian Point Screening

Monday, March 20th

Screening of “Indian Point”

Rutgers Presbyterian Church

236 West 73rd Street, 5th Floor

6:30 – 9:00pm

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Free screening of “Indian Point”, a documentary film that explores nuclear power in the Age of Fukushima. The film provides a rare glimpse inside the aging nuclear power plant known as Indian Point andĀ features unprecedented footage of the nuclear power plant station which was designed in the 1950s and sits in Buchanan, New York, just 35 miles up the Hudson River from Times Square. Indian Point sits on top of two intersecting earthquake faults. With 20 million people living within its 50-mile radius, it has been called the most dangerously sited nuclear power plant in the U.S. by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


Saturday, March 18th


Union Square @ 10 AM – 2 PM

Hosted by Grassroots Action NY
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Join Grassroots Action New York, Bronx Climate Justice North and a coalition of NYC groups in an initiative started by DefundDAPL ( and tell big banks like Wells Fargo, Citibank, TD, Chase, and Bank of America how we feel about their decision to fund the Dakota Access Pipeline. .

Banks that you can switch to that don’t invest in fossil fuels.

Pick one of these or find another one that works for you then follow along with our divestment campaign before #DivestmentDay to get ready to close your old bank account with us. Check out for all of our divestment resources.
Then, on March 18, we will rally in Union Square then head to the banks to close our accounts together! We will be leading groups of people to various banks to close their accounts together and want to make sure we prepare correctly so, if you haven’t already, please fill out the form in the “tickets” link to let us know which bank you will be divesting from.