Last Day to Submit Your Comments on Keystone XL Pipeline

Folks, the deadline for you to submit your comments on the Keystone XL Pipeline is tonight at 11:59. Regardless of whether you or your organization has signed on to 350NYC’s letter (see attached pdf ) you can STILL submit as many comments as you’d like to, on your own. Your voice is important.

You can write your own comment to post at, or copy some of the templates found at the links from the range of organizations below, tweak ’em, and post them as your own (again, at  Please include the following docket number:  (Docket ID: DOS-2014-0003)

Remember: the deadline is Friday night, 3/7, at 11:59.

  • Get clicking! Spread the word!     Bold Nebraska    Center for Biological Diversity     CCAN or Chesapeake Climate Action Network               CREDO   

Energy Action Coalition    Environmental Action    Friends of the Earth

League of Conservation Voters                 Rainforest Action Network                Sierra Club


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