Program for Feb 26th 7PM Wed. Eve. NY Society for Ethical Culture. Featured Speakers: OPEN HOUSE

Feb26, 7PM. Wed. Featured Panelists: Linnea Patton: Sustainability Scholar CCNY; Sophie Lasoff: Student Leader NYU Divest; Steve Knight, Church of the Holy Trinity: Lisa DiCaprio: NYU & Sierra Club, Lauren Ressler: Responsible Endowments Coalition, Nathan Schumer: Columbia U. 350nyc Divest. ALL WELCOME FREE. NY Society of Ethical Culture 2 W.64th, near Lincoln Center or Columbus Circle stops. Refreshments, Free Literature. re. the Divestment from Fossil Fuels Campaign sweeping the nation, etc. COME ONE , COME ALL!  Click to the Printable Program…/ProgramDivest…

Join us this Feb26th at 7pm for our Fossil Free NYC Divestment Open House.
Cosponsored by Responsible Endowments Coalition, GreenFaith, and the NYC Grassroots Alliance.

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