GreenNewDeal4NYC Lobby Day

Join us to lobby councilmembers to pass Intro 1253, the historic, first-of-its-kind legislation that cuts NYC climate pollution at the scale of the crisis and create thousands of good jobs.

We’ll get a briefing from experts on the bill and provide you with training on how to lobby from 9:30 – 10:30am. We’ll provide you with materials, too. From 10:30 to as long as you can stay (but not longer than about 3pm), we will split up to hit meetings and/or track down Councilmembers as they head into a full Council meeting, which is scheduled to start at 1:30pm!

It’s going to take a full-court press on our elected representatives to make sure they listen to the people and not to the real estate industry and its lobbyists!

Join us!




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We’ll push all candidates for Congress to Take a Stand
for The OFF ACT and against Big Oil Bribes.

Are you For Big Oil?  or  For The Planet?




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