You can help advocate for better media coverage on the climate emergency!

Use this structure to push and advocate for better, more accurate media coverage in all categories and from all news organizations.


0.  No link: Reports on extreme weather events and/or other phenomena and/or their impacts without mention or implication of cli. mate change (Daily Mail)

1.  Link: Identifies climate change as increasing the severity of extreme weather events and/or other phenomena and/or their impacts

2.  Strong link with causation: In addition to (1), includes statement recognizing human activity as the singular cause and/or labels the problem “human-caused”

3.  Causation explanation: In addition to (2), includes an explanation or reference to the sources of human-caused carbon emissions and the effect this has on Earth’s systems

4.  Urgency: In addition to (3), reporting and terminology signifies urgency of the situation and clearly calls out scientific timeframe for action (USA Today)

5.  Solutions-focused: In addition to (4), uses data to inform on necessary immediate and near-term steps, offers examples of large-scale and meaningful solutions including emissions reduction/elimination, fossil fuel divestment, eradication of single use plastics, renewable energy investment and development, and/or other solutions relevant to the story

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