Deirdre Aherne is a retired higher education administrator. She has been a member of 350NYC since 2013 and currently co-chairs the Sustainable Solutions and Education group. Deirdre is an activist focused on fossil fuel divestment as well as sustainability and, of course, 350NYC’s campaigns and actions! In addition to 350NYC, Deirdre is a member of WE ACT for Environmental Justice and the People’s Climate Movement.

Susan Carlo is an expert Climate Reality Project presenter – she has attended two training and has been giving her presentation to groups of all ages since 2013. Susan attended her second Climate Reality training in March 2017 and is excited to share new, politically relevant information. She feels that “we must be as informed as we can be about this crucial issue, which is evolving all the time.  In this presentation, there are alarming facts and projections, but also extremely positive news about solutions that are ongoing.  It is also a call to action, in ways that are available to us all.” Susan is an artist and semi-retired teacher and is a member of the Sierra Club and the ACLU as well as 350NYC.

Dan Miner believes in customizing presentations to meet group interests and encouraging audience participation. He is knowledgeable about a variety of climate topics and has particular interest in green buildings and sustainable agriculture, including permaculture. He completed the Building Analyst certification from Building Performance Institute. Dan worked at Long Island City Partnership, an economic development nonprofit, served as District Manager of a Manhattan community board, did community outreach for a NYSERDA home energy conservation program, and now assists buildings performing LED lighting upgrades. In 2008, Dan wrote a report on how NYC sustainability initiatives could integrate preparation for volatility in fuel price and supply, which is available online at

Margaret Perkins holds a PhD in Public Health and is an Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at CUNY. She is a committed climate activist and gives presentations focused on climate policy or environmental health. In addition to 350NYC, she is a member of the Sierra Club.

Katherine Schwarz is a Public Health and Nutrition Educator. She teaches at Lehman College and New York Medical College as well as in the community. Katherine is a Climate Reality Project presenter with expertise on the relationship of food and agriculture to climate change. She runs a support group for people who want to live sustainably and enjoys helping individuals and groups figure out what they can do about climate change. In addition to 350NYC, Katherine is a member of 350NJ and the Sierra Club.

Monica Weiss is a Climate Reality Project presenter who is currently the co-chair of 350NYC’s Sustainable Solutions and Education working group. She speaks on a variety of climate related topics and is happy to tailor her talk to the needs and time constraints of the group. Monica is a longtime teacher and is a member of the United Federation of Teachers and the New York Society for Ethical Culture.

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