Global Climate March – NYC

To Change Everything – We Need Everyone!

Sunday, November 29, 2015  @2pm



In the aftermath of the horrific events in Paris, French authorities have said they will not allow the massive march on Nov. 29, the day before the UN Climate Talks begin. However, marches and other climate activities around the world that same weekend will go on and you can be part of that international demand for climate justice here in New York City!

Please join us as we call on Mayor de Blasio to make strong commitments on climate before he goes to the talks in Paris. The climate crisis is real and NYC must take leadership by enacting policies that dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. NYC alone produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 97 countries!

We know it’s a holiday weekend when people often spend time with families. Let’s take a few hours on that Sunday to re-commit ourselves to our global family. Let us gather in a unified call against violence and hatred and for climate justice and peace. 

Bring your families and friends! 
@ClimateMarch15  #NYCGlobalClimateMarch  #KeepItintheGround   #COP21


Call to action and details below from Leslie Cagan on behalf of the People’s Climate Movement NY:

At 2 pm we will gather on the plaza on the east side of City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge side. We hope to make this as large as possible…aiming for 1,000 people, if we can! We will march around City Hall, on the sidewalks, chanting and singing. Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to go to Paris for the talks. We will call on him to commit now to bold steps to move NYC to 100% renewable energy by 2030:
  • Develop off-shore wind power
  • Require all large buildings to be energy efficient
  • Divest NYC funds from all fossil fuels
  • Convert City-owned buildings to solar and other renewable energy sources
  • Provide locally grown foods in city programs and protect our community gardens
  • Expand and improve our public mass transit system
We are fully aware that the long holiday weekend is just days away, and that’s why we need your help getting the word out now!
  1. Please send this message to your friends, family, anyone you think might be interested!
  2. Share the attached leaflet. There is both an English and a Spanish version of the leaflet in the attachment.
  3. Go to our Facebook Event Page at  and share that with your Facebook contacts
Because the French authorities have said they will not allow the big climate march on Nov. 29, the day before the UN Climate Talks begin, it is even more important that around the world our voices are heard. More than 2,300 actions in over 150 cities will take place next weekend. Let’s make sure ours here in NYC is as strong and powerful as we can possibly make it!
Thank you for helping out, in whatever ways you can.


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