Port Ambrose LNG Project Vetoed!

Governor Cuomo Vetoes Port Ambrose LNG Terminal

Victory Party to Celebrate the Port Ambrose Veto!

Hey all–there was going to be a rally but following the after party in Long Beach, it was decided just to continue the party with y’all. Meet at Langan’s Pub & Restaurant, 150 W 47th St, 6/7th Avenues, $6-7 beers and celebrate this amazing victory (see this page for info on what just happened in case you missed it: https://www.facebook.com/saneenergyproject/)

Statement from NO LNG Coalition 11/12/2015

We have just learned that Governor Cuomo has vetoed the Port Ambrose project. We are deeply grateful to Governor Cuomo for taking this step to protect coastal communities and stop this dirty, unnecessary and dangerous gas project. From Keystone XL to Port Ambrose LLC, it is clear that a powerful tide is turning in this country, and that fossil fuel companies that put profits before people will no longer be allowed to run roughshod over local communities. This tide is turning for many reasons – because of growing science against fossil fuels, and enlightened officials, but most of all because people everywhere are taking a stand. We thank Governor Cuomo for showing responsibility on this issue. We are extremely grateful to the many elected officials from both sides of the aisle who took action on the concerns of their people. And we want to give heartfelt thanks to the many, many individuals who spoke out, stood up and defended their homes, businesses and the ocean that they love.

The sun has set on Port Ambrose – we now look forward with joy to a new day of local, equitable and accountable renewable energy. For example, we know that the ocean lease area is a top priority for offshore wind power in the United States – power that would sustain 245,000 homes, move us toward a fully renewable economy, and create countless jobs, while avoiding the environmental harms of liquefied natural gas or other fossil fuels. Through initiatives like the REV process, responsible offshore wind, and coastal zone management that will ensure marine ecosystems are protected for generations to come, we are seeing the birth of a new era where our energy system, our people and our planet can all work side by side.

It’s been a long fight, and the people won – our deepest thanks to everyone who helped STOP PORT AMBROSE!

No LNG Coalition

Patrick Robbins (917) 364 7461


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