#DivestNYC Thunderclap!**


#DivestNYC Thunderclap, scheduled for the 4th of July, is asking the social media universe to Declare NYC Fossil Free by signing our petition to Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Join the Fossil Free 4th today and spread the word!

Update: So far, we have 160 supporters out of our 100 person goal…for an impressive social reach of  2, 281,772. Thanks are in order to everyone who’s joined already! But the work’s not over yet. With just 1 day left, there’s still time to do more, so if you have a facebook or a twitter and haven’t signed up yet, the time is now!
“Like” our Fossil Free NYC page to stay up to date on successes in the NYC and New York State divestment movement.
More info on 350NYC’s Divestment Campaign here.

Check out the list of community endorsers for our proposed NYC City Council resolution.

***As a reminder, Thunderclap is a website that allows many voices to speak at once using social media. People pledge to donate a tweet or facebook status to a cause; then, if enough people sign up and that cause reaches its supporter goal, Thunderclap blasts out the cause’s message using the facebook and twitter accounts of those signed up, all on the same day and at the exact same time, creating a wave of attention.

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