GROW (Gather. Rise. Organize. Win.) gathering this Saturday!

 This meet-up is one in a series of gatherings taking place across the country this summer. Organized by students working in the fossil fuel divestment movement, these meet-ups bring together community members, environmental and social justice organizers and students.

3-6pm on August 10 at the Food and Water Watch office,

68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, Suite 713

“Our goal is to gather people of diverse organizing backgrounds into the same space to talk about their experiences, what they are working on now, and how we can all collaborate justly and effectively in the future. We hope through this meet-up to provide a space to reflect on the intersectionality of our work and continue the conversation about solidarity organizing. Here is a link to our website and an article articulating our vision

We’ll enter the space via a teach-in on a current issue threatening the state of New York: fracking. New Yorkers Against Fracking and Occupy the Pipeline will guide us through the facts and discuss the ongoing fight, which has involved a multitude of grassroots activists and coalition-building. From there, we’ll broaden the conversation to a training on community engagement: how do we work alongside communities and create partnerships with them? Then, we’ll shift into small- and large-scale conversations on building a just and effective network. We’ll lay the foundation for future collaboration and discuss our next steps as a community.”

This gathering is taking place from 3-6pm on August 10 at the Food and Water Watch office, 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, Suite 713. Join us at GROW Divestment – NYC for an opportunity to learn and connect!


And here’s the facebook event: Spread the word!

GROWing the movement for climate justice | GROW Divestment!

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